Remove/Edit Footer Credit of GeneratePress WordPress theme

In this tutorial, I will show you how can you remove Powered by GeneratePress copyright text & credit from the footer area of the free and paid version of GeneratePress WordPress theme.

No matters you are using paid or free version of generatepress wordpress theme, i will cover both the versions of generatepress theme.

Copyright section is a very important part of a website. Most of the time all wordpress themes come with footer copyright text, which is Powered By (theme name). For an example why are you reading this blog, because you are also facing this Powered by GeneratePress.

When you installing free GeneratePress theme or GeneratePress Premium on your WordPress website, you will also see a copyright text which is powered by GeneratePress.

So, in order to edit this copyright text or powered by text, You have to follow the steps i have made for you. By following my methods you can easily edit the Copyright text area of GeneratePress WordPress theme.

So, follow all the steps according to the version you are using.

How to Remove or Edit Footer Credit in GeneratePress theme

In order to edit the copyright text or credit area of GeneratePress theme I have separated this tutorial guide in two methods. First, In GP Premium I will show you, how can you remove powered by generatepress text from footer area and Second is for Free GeneratePress theme.

For GeneratePress Premium theme

If you are using GeneratePress Premium theme, then it is very easy to edit or remove powered by text from copyright section of footer

Because in GP Premium, GeneratePress provides you a toolset that’s make everthing easy to customize a website.

Follow the below Steps to remove or edit footer credit in Generatepress theme :

Login to your WordPress admin area

  1. Tap on Appearance
  2. Click on Customize Option
  3. Click on Layout
  4. Now Click on Footer
  5. In this step you will see copyright section area. Here you can add your own text.
  6. To save the setting Tap on Publish Button.

Hope you are doing well to remove the copyright text in GeneratePress Premium.

For GeneratePress Free theme

If you are using generatepress free theme, then it will be bit difficult to edit the copyright section in GeneratePress theme. But Don’t worry I am here for you, Just follow the steps i have made for you

Copy the below PHP code and paste it into theme’s functions.php file’s bottom. (Replace the text saying, “WRITE YOUR CUSTOM COPYRIGHT TEXT HERE” with your own custom text.

add_filter( 'generate_copyright','tu_custom_copyright' );
function tu_custom_copyright() {

If you don’t need footer area and want to remove the entire footer area from your blog then add below PHP code in the bottom of functions.php.

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'tu_remove_footer_area' );
function tu_remove_footer_area() {
    remove_action( 'generate_footer','generate_construct_footer' );

Hope, you follow all the steps respectively and edit the copyright section of your GeneratePress theme

Still, If you have any questions or difficulties to remove powered by GeneratePress copyright text then please leave a message in the comments box. I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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